{A Note From Home} Our Yellow Lab

I just had to post this note from home today.  We have a 13 year lab who survived major surgery 6 months ago.  Over the weekend, she started having difficulty walking and then one of her front legs began to swell.  We thought she had possibly broken a leg, but had no idea how. By this morning, I thought we were going to lose her.  The vet took her right in and said he did not think anything was broken, but thought she had an infection.  But had no idea the source of the infection.  They kept her and did an X-ray and ran some blood work.

When I heard is was possibly an infection, I remembered something from the end of last week.  She had been outside and we could not find her, even after I had called several times.  She finally popped out from behind the air unit.  My husband walked over there and said he thought he might have seen a snake over there.  But we thought nothing else of it until today.  He called the vet and told them.  They checked her and sure enough, he found where she had been bitten.  We do not think it was a venomous snake, but we do believe that is the source of the infection.

We are so thankful she is back home tonight.  She is still having trouble standing up, but I think we are on the road to recovery.  Since she is having trouble standing, dinner was served on a plate while she was laying on her comforter 🙂  The picture is a little fuzzy because I took it with my phone, but you can see how swollen her leg and side is 😦

We are thankful dog owners tonight !!!



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