{A Note From Home} Our Yellow Lab Part 2

I have to continue the story of our 13 year old yellow lab.  The vet wanted us to bring her back today for them to observe her (she has to go back tomorrow too).  Her labs came back today and they were GREAT!!  However, it has also been determined she was bitten by either a pygmy rattler or cotton mouth in our suburban backyard!  Needless to say, we were STUNNED when we heard this!!

The swelling on the side of the bite has gone down some, but the swelling is spreading to her other leg.  They told us this is the normal course for this type of bite.  She also stood up by herself twice today; this is the first time she has done that since Saturday.  She also walked around the backyard without any help this afternoon and ate standing up.  She will have daily visits to the vet and they will watch her closely the rest of this week.  Monday is the magical day!  If she can make it to Monday, she will be out of danger.

Still happy dog owners tonight!!  Counting down until Monday!!



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