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{New Collection} Mad Hatter Tea Party Collection

I have just completed and listed my Mad Hatter Tea Party Collection.  This collections is colorful with a whimsical font.  This collection’s colors, font, and clipart can be customized to meet your needs.

Here is a preview.  For further details see my Etsy shop.

{A Note From Home} Our Yellow Lab Part 2

I have to continue the story of our 13 year old yellow lab.  The vet wanted us to bring her back today for them to observe her (she has to go back tomorrow too).  Her labs came back today and they were GREAT!!  However, it has also been determined she was bitten by either a pygmy rattler or cotton mouth in our suburban backyard!  Needless to say, we were STUNNED when we heard this!!

The swelling on the side of the bite has gone down some, but the swelling is spreading to her other leg.  They told us this is the normal course for this type of bite.  She also stood up by herself twice today; this is the first time she has done that since Saturday.  She also walked around the backyard without any help this afternoon and ate standing up.  She will have daily visits to the vet and they will watch her closely the rest of this week.  Monday is the magical day!  If she can make it to Monday, she will be out of danger.

Still happy dog owners tonight!!  Counting down until Monday!!


{A Note From Home} Our Yellow Lab

I just had to post this note from home today.  We have a 13 year lab who survived major surgery 6 months ago.  Over the weekend, she started having difficulty walking and then one of her front legs began to swell.  We thought she had possibly broken a leg, but had no idea how. By this morning, I thought we were going to lose her.  The vet took her right in and said he did not think anything was broken, but thought she had an infection.  But had no idea the source of the infection.  They kept her and did an X-ray and ran some blood work.

When I heard is was possibly an infection, I remembered something from the end of last week.  She had been outside and we could not find her, even after I had called several times.  She finally popped out from behind the air unit.  My husband walked over there and said he thought he might have seen a snake over there.  But we thought nothing else of it until today.  He called the vet and told them.  They checked her and sure enough, he found where she had been bitten.  We do not think it was a venomous snake, but we do believe that is the source of the infection.

We are so thankful she is back home tonight.  She is still having trouble standing up, but I think we are on the road to recovery.  Since she is having trouble standing, dinner was served on a plate while she was laying on her comforter 🙂  The picture is a little fuzzy because I took it with my phone, but you can see how swollen her leg and side is 😦

We are thankful dog owners tonight !!!


{Party Pictures} 50th Wedding Anniversary Party at My House

This is a party I hosted.  My in-laws just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Those of you who have planned a party, just to have something go wrong the day of the party will relate to my experience. I have everything in order until my husband and son walked in with the cake.  They took the lid off and….. it was NOT the cake I ordered and the ugliest cake I have ever seen.  We called the bakery, they admitted they were running behind and the decorator was probably rushed.  We were told we would be given our money back (which they did do the next day), but that still left me with an ugly cake, YIKES!!  I called my sister-in-law and since we had a theme of gold and red roses, she went and bought some roused, baby’s breath and greenery.  Once she got here, we went straight to work.  I was still not happy with the large circles of icing, but it was a huge improvement!

The champagne flutes surrounding the cake were a big hit and so easy.  I went to a party store and purchased a few boxes of plastic flutes.  I just the gold ribbon on several decorations (including the cake, at least they did that right!).  I made and hot glued gold ribbons to the glasses and they were just adorable 🙂

We were spread out throughout the house, but the anniversary couple sat in the dining room.  It was decorated with roses and I had a small banner hanging on the mirror.

For the final touch, I have a Harry Connick/Frank Sinatra mix playing on Pandora radio.  It set the perfect tone to the evening.

So after a stressful morning, it was a perfect evening of celebration.


{A Note From Home} WOW! What a Week!

The last 8 days have been completely crazy!  This time last week I was preparing to host my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  We had been planning this for weeks and months.  But, of course, something had to go wrong on that day.  In this case, two things!  I will post pictures and the events of the day later.  I am just thankful that in the end everything was beautiful 🙂

Monday morning my daughter was off to church camp and I was off to put my classroom back together.  My official first day was Thursday, but there is never enough time to get everything done in the few preplanning days.  In my non-Cottage Shoppe life, I am a 6th grade language arts teacher at a private, Christian school.  This year I am blessed with 88 precious students.  I will help them learn the elements of short story, how to write an expository, how to open a locker, counsel them when they have friend issues, and watch them grow.  Sixth grade is an amazing year of growth both physically and in maturity.

Our family is also entering a time of change (here come the tissues).  My son is a senior.  I have to keep telling myself that… My son is a senior!  That means he will be off to college this time next year.  YIKES!!   And following close behind is our daughter, who will be a sophomore this year.  The next 3 years will be full of changes!

So starting on Wednesday, we will be off and running.  But my Cottage Shoppe will not miss a beat 🙂  Today, I plan on finishing up the circus collection and getting the photos on-line.  Then I will start to work on my fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving collections.  I am still taking custom orders, so let me know if you need anything.



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