{New Collection} Circus Birthday Party and Baby Shower Collection

My new Circus Collections is ready and in my Etsy store.  The Circus Collection is perfect for a birthday party or baby shower.  There is a clipart options sheet showing the choices. The wording, font, patterns, colors, and clipart can be changed to match your vision of the party.  Just let me know what you need 🙂



{A Note From Home} WOW! What a Week!

The last 8 days have been completely crazy!  This time last week I was preparing to host my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  We had been planning this for weeks and months.  But, of course, something had to go wrong on that day.  In this case, two things!  I will post pictures and the events of the day later.  I am just thankful that in the end everything was beautiful 🙂

Monday morning my daughter was off to church camp and I was off to put my classroom back together.  My official first day was Thursday, but there is never enough time to get everything done in the few preplanning days.  In my non-Cottage Shoppe life, I am a 6th grade language arts teacher at a private, Christian school.  This year I am blessed with 88 precious students.  I will help them learn the elements of short story, how to write an expository, how to open a locker, counsel them when they have friend issues, and watch them grow.  Sixth grade is an amazing year of growth both physically and in maturity.

Our family is also entering a time of change (here come the tissues).  My son is a senior.  I have to keep telling myself that… My son is a senior!  That means he will be off to college this time next year.  YIKES!!   And following close behind is our daughter, who will be a sophomore this year.  The next 3 years will be full of changes!

So starting on Wednesday, we will be off and running.  But my Cottage Shoppe will not miss a beat 🙂  Today, I plan on finishing up the circus collection and getting the photos on-line.  Then I will start to work on my fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving collections.  I am still taking custom orders, so let me know if you need anything.



New Design: Vintage Tractor

I get so excited each time I create a new design.  I am currently working on a Vintage Tractor Collection and it is turning out SO CUTE!!  You have a choice of a birthday party or baby shower, boy or girl version.

Here is a sneak peak….

To see more of my designs or to request a custom design, please visit Kelly’s Cottage Shoppe on Etsy.


How To: Put Together Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers

Many times customers ask me who to put the cupcake wrappers and toppers together once they receive their files, so I decided to photograph the process using my latest collection of Sweet Monkeys.

The first thing you want to do is print out your files on white card stock.  You can print on your home printer or send the files to a printer, such as, Office Depot.

Then assemble your supplies:  copies, scissors, 2 inch punches, lollipop sticks, hot glue gun, and tape.

First we will look at the cupcake wrappers.  Simply cut them out making sure you leave the gray strip which will be your guide for gluing.  I like to use hot glue.  I just put a line of hot glue on the gray strip and hold for a few seconds.  That is it 🙂

Now we will look at the cupcake toppers.

Cut the toppers into three rows.

Now take either your round or scalloped 2 inch punch and punch out each design.  You can purchase a 2 inch punch at any craft store in the scrapbooking section.  It is a great item to have around for parties and school projects.  I promise you will use it again. I am using the scalloped punch for this project.

Now get your lollipop sticks.  Again, you can purchase these at any craft store; they are usually found in the cake baking section.  These will also be used again for other parties and school projects, so it is a good thing to have around.

Simply tape or hot glue the stick to the back of the circle.

Just repeat the process for the rest of the toppers.

That is it!  SO cute, SO easy!

I hope this helps you see how easy it is to put cupcake toppers and wrappers together.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.

To see more designs or to request a custom design, please visit my shop at Kelly’s Cottage Shoppe on Etsy.


Recipe: Popcorn Cupcake Recipe

I love cute cupcake recipes!  I found this recipe that would be great for a movie night birthday party.

Popcorn Cupcakes from Family Fun Magazine

  • 1 baked cupcake
  • White icing
  • 40 mini marshmallows (white or pastel yellow and white)
  • Yellow food coloring (optional)
  • Clean paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • White construction paper
  • Blue and red markers
  1. Frost the cupcake with white icing. To create each piece of “popcorn,” cut one mini marshmallow in half and squish the two pieces back together into a whole mini marshmallow, pinching firmly. Pile the finished popcorn onto the frosted cupcake.
  2. For a buttery look, either dilute a drop of yellow food coloring in water and brush it on with a clean paintbrush or mix pastel yellow marshmallows in with the white.
  3. To make the band, cut a strip of construction paper about 1 1/4 inches by 8 inches, or to fit your cupcake, and decorate as shown.
  4. If you’re creating many cupcakes, design just one band and color photocopy it. Wrap the band around the cupcake and secure with tape. 
 A great match for my Movie Night Collection.

Monday Freebie: Thank You Note

Monday’s are hard enough, so here is a free gift 🙂  This Thank You Note is perfect for any occasion and you can print as many as you need.  All you have to do is click on this link and print.

For more designs please visit my Etsy store.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Printable Military Welcome Home Banner

I live in a military town and love the news stories of our military returning home from deployment.  I was watching just such a story the other day and a thought crossed me mind… I need to create a Welcome Home Military Banner and list it for just $1.00.  I used yellow ribbons, stars, and stripes.  Within 12 hours of putting it on my Etsy store, I sold my first one.  I was so excited!

Let me know if you need one or pass it on to someone with a loved one returning home.


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